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Keys to a successful marriage: marry your best friend

Best friends.
Best friends. Tina Phillips

The success of marriage is a decision. It is a decision made and upheld even though the days may not always be happy and the nights not always romantic. The couple who has kept the vow to love, honor, and respect one another will be rewarded with a long-lasting relationship.

Beyond the decision to have a thriving relationship is the key. The key—or rather “the keys” is probably a more proper term to use, as there are in fact many “Keys to a Successful Marriage”—is likely different for different couples. But the one thing that remains the same, the one thing that cannot be ignored, is that these couples have discovered that one main factor that is at the heart of their successful marriages.

Brenda, a Bismarck resident, agrees. When discussing her marriage of sixteen years, she says, “There are a lot of ingredients to a successful marriage, but the most important thing that has attributed to our success is being married to my best friend. Disagreements will come and go but best friends always support and encourage each other.”

Brenda and her husband, Joe, dated for almost three years before getting married. During that time and throughout the many years that followed, they built a solid marriage upon a strong friendship. “We have a lot of common interests,” says Brenda. “We do everything together; we just get along that well.”

To couples like Brenda and Joe, building and maintaining a strong friendship within their marriage has been well worth the time and commitment as it has created a lifelong bond.