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Keys to a successful marriage: an introduction

Keys to a successful marriage.
Keys to a successful marriage. Suat Eman

In a world full of fast weddings and even faster divorces, many couples strive to find the key to a successful marriage. Although there is no tried and true formula for making marriage work, there are amazing similarities between the relationships of couples whose marriages have stood the test of time.

Much like the ingredients needed to make a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies, there are certain components required to achieve lasting happiness in marriage. As the egg in that recipe holds the cookie dough together, so do these essential elements hold together a marriage.

These "Keys to a Successful Marriage" articles will focus on married couples around the Bismarck-Mandan area, who have willingly shared what they consider to be the most important attributes to the success of their marriages.

Even though what works for these couples may not necessarily work for all couples, the insight they provide may help others discover the proper ingredients needed to make their own marriage a success.

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