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Keyboardist, David Quintiliani

David Quintiliani of Danny Klein's Full House Band
David Quintiliani of Danny Klein's Full House Band
Photos: Provided by the band.

David Quintiliani is a well known Boston based keyboardist who played an integral part in putting together the Danny Klein (J. Geils Band) Full House Band.

Dave Q on keys!
Photo: Amy Nachbar

For the past eight years Quintiliani has played keyboards for Klein's Full House Band along side Artie Eaton on lead vocals, Jim Taft on drums, Richard Rosenblatt (aka) Rosy on harp, Steve Gouette on guitar, John Vanderpool on saxophone, Dan Rabinovitz on trumpet and the Ace on Bass, Mr. Danny Klein.

The J. Geils Band are still the original Boston Bad Boys. Peter Wolf, the J. Geils front man, hasn't stopped his momentum on stage and still struts his stuff like he did back in the 1970's. DK (Danny Klein) is the same. Do these guys age?

Examiner sat down with Quintiliani to find out how he was an instrumental part in putting the Full House Band together.

Examiner: How did you meet Danny Klein, a Boston legend?

Quintiliani: "I met Klein at the Bullfinch Yacht Club in Boston about eight years ago. He was a guest performer with some of the great blues artists and I was invited to that show by a friend. Having performed in this circle, I found myself talking to Klein about the J. Geils Band. I have to admit, I was a bit star struck."

Examiner: So how did you get to play with Klein?

Quintiliani: "Well, at the Bullfinch Show, someone suggested they play, "Musta Got Lost" except no one knew the words. As luck would have it, I did! Klein suggested I get up and perform the song with them."

Examiner: Where was your first show with Danny Klein's Full House?

Quintiliani: "We put a great group of musicians together almost immediately. Our first show was in Martha's Vineyard and was one of the most memorable."

Examiner: How has the J. Geils Band influenced your music?

Quintiliani: "My brother and I would sit in our room in Newton, where we grew up, and play the album "Hotline" until it wore out. We sang the words and played air guitar until we were old enough to go to Boston Garden to see the J. Geils Band play.

I've been an avid fan of the band and have followed their careers from day one."

Examiner: What do you see for the future?

Quintiliani: "Danny Klein's Full House plans to keep on performing in the New England area dazzling audiences for years to come. I think that Klein is happiest when he's on stage and puts every ounce of energy into his performance as if he was on stage with the original band.

He loves his fans and is always willing to talk to them. Sometimes I have to pull him away to get him up on stage. We've remained best of friends and continue to plan new events to bring our show close to everyone."

The Danny Klein Full House band will be performing at Fusion, 105 Washington St., Massachusetts, on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

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