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Keyboard Cat plays Puppy Bowl halftime show; Obama’s dogs on sidelines

The Puppy Bowl might be a little more exciting for the fans who love animals on Sunday. As the fight for viewership intensifies, it appears that the little details are helping make fans decide on what they will be watching on Super Bowl Sunday. According to Rolling Stone magazine on Friday, Keyboard Cat is going to perform a Bruno Mars song during the halftime show of the Puppy Bowl.

The cat, a YouTube star who loves the keyboards, is internationally known and really seems to know how to play the piano without any problem. Keyboard Cat is set to play a Bruno Mars song, “Locked Out of Heaven.” The live performance will have fans tuning in as who sees a cat perform like this every day.

Another substantial detail is that First Lady Michelle Obama’s dogs are rumored to be part of the show. Offering to help train the puppies, Sunny and Bo will be near the field giving the youngsters some tips on romping, looking cute and maybe even how not to fall asleep in mid field.

According to the Chicago Sun Times on Friday, the chance to help train the puppies was done in a building on Manhattan’s West Side with the dogs on the sidelines. It is obvious with four-legged presidential power, the dogs did the best they could to make the moment entertaining.

With all the dogs and cats at the Puppy Bowl, thank goodness the producers didn’t leave out the penguins. Obviously a random idea on many levels, the penguins won’t be marching during the Puppy Bowl, instead they will be cheering. The show has announced that the cheerleading penguins will be seen in their tuxedo cheering like penguins do. Obviously, everyone needs to tune in to find out how as it has never been done before.

The Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet. Check your local listings for show times.

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