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Key questions to ask yourself when using Twitter to promote your business

Twitter Origami by @paddydonnelly
Twitter Origami by @paddydonnelly

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself when using Twitter to promote your business. Some of these apply even before you launch an account and jump right into tweeting action.

Have I…

  • Chosen a Twitter username that represents my business well?
  • Uploaded my company’s logo as the profile picture?
  • Added my company’s website address in the Twitter Bio?
  • Included a link for one of my company’s other primary social media networks in the Twitter Bio? (Examples: Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram?
  • Created a custom header and background?
  • Searched for clients/competitors and created Private Twitter lists to track them?
  • Followed accounts of other individuals, businesses, media, magazines and publications specific to my industry?
  • Identified and implemented effective hashtags?
  • Participated in Twitter Chats?
  • Created Vine videos?
  • Added my Twitter username and link to my company’s email signature?

Am I…

  • Providing useful and informative content?
  • Sharing company news, press releases and blog posts?
  • Mixing in articles and other non-promotional content to keep things fun and interesting?
  • Using third-party social media dashboard apps to manage my account and track metrics? (Examples: HootSuite, Buffer)
  • Using a URL shortener? (Examples: Bitly,
  • Cross-linking my account with my website, blog and other social networks?
  • Tweeting at least 5-10 times a day?
  • Tweeting during peak times of the day and week?
  • Composing tweets of 120 characters or less making it easy for followers and others to retweet my content?
  • Keeping to a maximum of two hashtags per tweet?
  • Incorporating images and video in my tweets?
  • Registered on Klout to measure my Twitter account’s influence?
  • Retweeting my followers, clients/customers?
  • Running fun and engaging contests?
  • Listening to my followers and asking them about their interests?
  • Sending out “thank you” tweets to new followers and those sharing my content?
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