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Key groups you must reach in a successful crowdfund marketing campaign

Key groups you must reach in a successful crowdfund marketing campaign
Key groups you must reach in a successful crowdfund marketing campaign
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Before you launch your next crowdfund marketing campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you must line up three key groups. Your social media followers, friends and family of course, a brand new network just for the campaign. According to Entrepreneur you need to reach out to all three to reach your funding goal.

You should have your friends and family group lined up before you launch your Kickstarter page. Make a list of everyone you can think of that falls into this category and reach out to each one of them personally. Be sure to include acquaintances like neighbors and co-workers too. This will be one the strongest groups to convert into backers. Many of these folks may already be followers on your personal social media profiles. Encourage them to follow you for updates if they are not already.

Next look at all of your current social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Build excitement about your project before you launch and stay in regular contact with them afterwards. And don't forget to include any email lists of blog subscribers that you maintain too. You can even consider creating new social network accounts just for your campaign and build them up from scratch. This crosses over into the third key group, a new audience.

The third key group of new people will need to be built up both before and during your campaign. One way is to follow new people on your social accounts. Another is to use Twitter's "@username" feature and Facebook's messaging tool. Make sure you encourage those people in your existing groups to "tell a friend," especially backers as they can become your most powerful advocates.

A great way to make sure that you reach your new audience via social media is to hire an expert. You can leverage other people's followers to get your message out to a wide and receptive audience this way.

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