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Key Features That Came Out in Google I/O

Google I/O 2014
Google I/O 2014
Google I/O 2014

IT Industries are going to migrate towards more and more innovative trends. Google recently announced some major updates in its annual developer focused conference. In this event the major emphasis was laid on the upcoming growth of Android over the past few years. According to the reports generated, it was observed that there are 1 billion 30 day active users on the Android platform. Google has highly focused on customer line product, so there is no need of extravagant efforts in order to get their attention. The event unveil several major products that were enough to show that in the coming future Google will take enterprise mobility solutions to the new level.

Enterprises must be aware of the following things that were announced at Google I/O 2014:

Android one: There have been a few number of people that are accessing smartphones. The main objective of Android is to increase the usage of Smartphones among people with its launch of Android one. Its guidelines enable manufacturers to develop a smartphone in a relevant time at an affordable price. Few mobile manufacturing companies are working on the phenomenon of first set of devices that will start at a very economical cost. For the creation and development of smartphones worldwide, the dominant feature that Android one caters is that it persists the minimum hardware requirements for developers. The company aims to achieve higher productivity by allowing people to get more phones that meet minimum specifications globally.

L Developer Preview: Google in its recent I/O event also disclosed the new version of Android with its L Developer preview. It will be highly focused upon form factors beyond mobile and will consist of more than 5000 current Application Programming Interface. It will have an integrated universal design language popularly known as Material Design that will envelop mobile, desktop, tablets and beyond. It is an effective approach that consists of a consolidated set of tools by resulting in a personalized scheme of color changes, grid and typography. rather than only providing with the Android extension pack, the preview also consists of augmented notifications and situation based authentication features. The end user could make use of a watch to unlock his smartphone while exhibiting the new authentication method and the phone becomes password protected if watch is away. The preview also recommended certain features as improved battery performance, malware protection, security patches and much more. It enables users and developers to move from one screen to another feasibly and it will be significantly beneficial for employees that are making use of Android devices.

Android Wear: After the release of Android wear, it was highly rumored that Android wear smartwatch will make its visibility in the I/O event. Android wear have been largely focused and Google is being expected to debut some applications in extension to the card style interface. Google now can be used by the Android wear to provide relevant information. This even gives vital insights to the enterprises by providing it’s large mobile workforce with the other useful data as well as reminders. A new way for connecting Android Apps and services in the car was introduced and it also makes its move towards Android TV that reacts in accordance with viewer’s usage method. It is being expected that there will be rise in the number of significant applications if we will think of wearable as an expansion of our handheld devices.

Android for Work: Android for work program was announced to make companies more enterprise friendly, thereby aiming to isolate business and personal data on a particular device. Android L aims to cater smooth experience for work apps and home automated devices. Largest deployment of applications to the users will help enterprises in making large revenues. The installation of Native office Editing is one of the prominent feature that enable user to open and edit docs in Android and Chrome browsers. Premium option of Google drive was also introduced for the benefits of an enterprise.

Google Fit: It is a service that assimilates data from a multitude of devices and apps to cater an allied view of a person. Thus these services let applications and wearable share allusion of health data.

In the I/O event, the focus was put on the features that may result in an increased productivity of an enterprise rather than only focussing on the mobility factors. These announcements could lead to more efficiency and could even help in generating large revenues.