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Key Elements of a Successful Business Blog

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In 1999, Michael Dell gave a presentation to the Detroit Economic Club. His message was simple — how to create a successful online business. At a time when few people owned a home computer, some scoffed that such advice was even necessary, but others embraced it. Today, the substance of that talk is the basis for the majority of online corporations, and Michael Dell’s formula for online business success can easily be applied to blogging.

Content, commerce, and community, (also known as Michael Dell’s “3 C’s”), are the key elements of successful business blogs. Business bloggers deliver compelling content to attract a community to market products and services. If any one of those three items is missing, your blog will topple.

Many businesses miss the point of synergizing these three elements. An “in-your-face” content development strategy repels today’s relationship-driven market, and therefore brings commerce to a screeching halt. The best practice is to deliver useful information, which will attract clients and customers, providing an organic growth in sales. And the only way to deliver useful information to your company’s target audience is to get acquainted with them. It’s a full-circle process.

A practical way to conduct an online “meet and greet” with your market is to develop a social media game plan. Use polls and surveys to learn your audience’s likes and dislikes. Go beyond one- and two-way communication by using forums and encouraging blog comments. Let your audience interact not only with you, the business owner, but with fellow clients and customers.

By learning how to bond the three C’s of success into one cohesive ensemble, you can access the true power of blogging for business.

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