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Key county in crosshairs ahead of Virginia election recount

Amid wild rumors, frantic fundraising and legal maneuvering, Virginia’s attorney general election hangs in the balance, reported.

As of Thursday morning, Republican Mark Obenshain held a 681 vote lead over Democrat Mark Herring, out of 2.2 million ballots cast.

But more ballots are still out there. Thousands of provisional votes — 492 in Fairfax County alone — have yet to be counted.

Both parties are gearing up for a county-by-county fight to include or exclude those ballots, which were cast by people who didn’t present legally permissible identification at the polls.

All these battles come before the inevitable statewide recount. Virginia election results are due to be finalized Nov. 25.

Voters have until Friday to bring a copy of their ID to their local electoral board and explain why they voted provisionally.

Brian Schoeneman, secretary of the electoral board in Fairfax County, the commonwealth’s largest, said voters can be represented by legal counsel.

Meantime, Watchdog reported that several other Virginia counties that failed to purge their voter rolls last year are being eyed closely by an election-watch group in the run-up to the recount. One of those counties is Chesterfield, where the GOP ticket lagged well behind Republican performance four years ago.

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