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Kevin Ward family, Tony Stewart: Ward’s autopsy result, new video revealed

Kevin Ward’s family and Tony Stewart are shocked by Ward’s autopsy result. In addition, a new video of the Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward fatal accident has been provided to authorities. While Kevin Ward’s family is expressing their anger towards Tony Stewart, especially after having received the autopsy results, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said that the investigation into the fatal crash is continuing and that at this time, Stewart is not being charged with any crime, reports the Charlotte Observer on Aug. 11.

Kevin Ward family, Tony Stewart: Ward’s autopsy result, new video revealed
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Ward’s autopsy result on Monday showed that the 20-year-old spirited racecar driver died of massive blunt trauma. According to Sheriff Povero, the district attorney asked that any toxicology results from the autopsy should not be released.

In addition to the video that already shows how Ward stepped onto the race track in a rage, another video provided to authorities shows a different view of the incident. As in the previous video though, Ward can be seen walking angrily onto the track and being hit by Stewart’s sprint car while the race was under caution.

For Kevin Ward’s family, having seen the autopsy result and the fact that their beloved Kevin Jr. died of massive blunt trauma has caused Ward’s aunt to write the following note: "I feel numb, I look into the eyes of family and see a deep hurt that should not be there, my heart has pounded out of my chest for hours, thanks for thinking of our family tony Stewart when you decided to be a d–k! My nephew was one of a kind, a true race car driver, a p–s head and a sweetie all in one, a young man who will be truly missed by many! Aunt Wendi loves you budster, forever in our hearts."

Despite the anger Kevin Ward’s family member is expressing toward Tony Stewart and Ward’s autopsy results, Sheriff Povero told reporters on Monday that there are still no facts that would show probable cause for criminal charges against Stewart. The investigation into Saturday night’s fatal accident at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park half-mile dirt track is trying to determine why Ward didn’t stay safely by his turned-around car and why Stewart reportedly hit the gas prior to hitting Ward.

JJ Yeley, a NASCAR driver who has driven sprint cars, told Sporting News that the fact you can hear Stewart hit the gas in his car prior to hitting Ward should be taken into the context of how sprint cars operate. “They have a solid rear axle, they don’t turn on a dime. You usually turn those cars with the gas. … They don’t just turn as soon as you turn the wheel. It does take the throttle to do that. … The right side wing panel comes down sometimes below your eye level so you will have a blind spot. … There’s a part there where you wouldn’t see someone if they jumped out and got that close to the car,” Yeley said.