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Kevin Ward family, Tony Stewart quiet: Ward's walk onto track may bear blame?

Kevin Ward’s family has basically remained quiet during this time, as they are grieving for their son. The same goes for Tony Stewart, who also remains quiet in the media, but it doesn't stop the public from debating who is to blame for this accident. Other than an aunt, who lashed out at Stewart on Facebook over the weekend, Ward’s family has said very little about their son losing his life after being hit by a car driven by NASCAR champion Tony Stewart.

Tony Stewart still getting fingers pointed his way when Kevin Ward walking onto the track straight into on-coming race cars may bear some of the blame.
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They released a statement earlier on saying they are still trying to wrap their head around the incident and they’ve thanked people for their kind and caring condolences. In an article published by ESPN News on Aug. 13, some very good advice is offered; “Don’t rush to judge Tony Stewart.” Writer Ed Hinton reminds the public that Tony’s past behavior, which is being dredged up and compared to this horrific accident, would not get him convicted in a court of law.

The man may have a short fuse, as he takes his career very seriously. The episodes of sideline scuffles and throwing down his helmet in a moment of anger does not mean the man would purposely aim his car at another driver with the intention of mowing him down. People who commented on an earlier Examiner article published this week overwhelmingly backed Tony Stewart on this accident. They felt he wasn't to blame.

Over and over again people point to Ward walking out on the track with a race underway. They point out that the car in front of Stewart needed to swerve to avoid him, leaving Stewart little time to react when happening upon Ward.

While Ward’s aunt and some of his close friends have pointed the finger at Stewart, it appears that the majority of the NASCAR world doesn’t believe that Stewart bears any blame in this incident. Sadly, Ward used extremely bad judgment by putting himself in harm’s way. This is what the majority of the commentators have conveyed on the incident.

In an article by CNN News today, Kevin Ward's young and very accomplished life is remembered. This is the type of news that will help the family, friends and fans of the driver heal. While people will continue to blame Stewart for Ward's death, others will rally and celebrate Ward's life instead.

As for the majority of the Ward family, they are not using this time to cut-up Stewart in the media, but to pay tribute to their son, who died doing what he loved to do most in the world, race cars. As seen on Hollywood Life, the Ward family donned T-shirts with Kevin’s logo from his website. The shirts also say “Always and Forever.” The family posted this tribute on Facebook.

When all is said and done, a 20-year-old man is gone and Stewart is in the “eye of the storm,” suggests ESPN today. Their article has received over 500 comments as of Wednesday morning with the majority of the fans feeling Stewart is getting a bad wrap as folks rush to judgment.

Tony Stewart is living with his own personal pain today, as anyone involved in an accident were there is loss of life would be. The finger pointing is just added poison to his pain. As “Fox and Friends” conveys on Wednesday morning live, whatever made Kevin Ward walk into the middle of the track with a live race going on around him, will never be known.

What is known is that he did this, maybe because a race car driver somehow becomes immune to the dangers of risks from all the risk taking they’ve embark on in this sport. That risk put him in harm’s way and sadly, he lost his life.

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