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Kevin Spacey lands new keynote talk and 'House of Cards' threatens TV pilots

Kevin Spacey continues making his mark on the convergence of entertainment and web with Season 2 of "House of Cards" on Netflix and his scheduled speaking at the 2014 Content Marketing Word.

The California-born actor will address the crowd when the conference gets underway in Cleveland September 8-11.

This isn't the first time Spacey has addressed a convention. He told a gathering at the Edinburgh Television Festival in 2013 that "House of Cards" was shopped to every network, "but every single one wanted us to do a pilot first … Netflix was the only one that believed in us."

The Netflix business model doesn't require pilots. All episodes are available at one time and this takes advertisers out of the economic equation.

"Through this new form of distribution we learned something the music industry didn't learn. Give people what they want, when they want it, in a form they want in, at a reasonable price and they will more likely pay for it than steal it."

Most television pilots don't come to life as an on-going series yet the organization FilmLA says pilot production is a shot in the arm for the entertainment industry.

During the 2012-'13 TV season there were 96 pilots shot in Los Angeles at an average cost of $ 2 million dollars for comedies and 5.5 million dollars for dramas. About 150 people are employed for the duration of a show's pilot episodes.

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