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Kevin Smith Bringing His "Red State" To Ohio

Poster for Kevin Smith's "Red State"
Poster for Kevin Smith's "Red State"
Kevin Smith

At the Q&A after the premiere of his new film "Red State" last night at the Sundace Film Festival, Kevin Smith announced that he will be distributing the new title himself via his Smodcast Pictures on October 19, 2011(the 17th anniversary of the release of "Clerks"). Starting March 5 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Smith will be taking the picture cross country doing screenings of the film, including a March 14 stop at the Clark State PAC in our very own Springfield, Ohio, leading up to the national release.

"Red State" is the first horror effort by Kevin Smith who is known more for his dialogue driven comedies like "Clerks" and "Dogma", the film is described as being about a group of youths as they're captured and tormented by religious extremists and stars Michael Anganaro, John Goodman, Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, Kyle Gallner and Kevin Pollak.

Smith also announced at the Q&A following the film last night that his next film "Hit Somebody" (based on the Warren Zevon song) will be his last film as a director. He will be focusing his time and energy exposing other indie films/filmmakers with his Smodcast Pictures.