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Kevin Sherry's whimsical Turtle Island floats onto the "Must Have" list

Great new child's book
Great new child's book
Kevin Sherry

Turtle Island (Dial, $16.99) has come out of his very colorful shell. Award-winning author and illustrator Kevin Sherry's delight, aimed at ages 3-5, tells the tale of a lonely turtle who makes a home of his own.
Turtle is big. Very big. But the ocean is way bigger, and Turtle is all alone. When four shipwrecked animals–a bear, an owl, a frog and cat–take refuge on Turtle’s shell, they become fast friends and the sea doesn’t seem so vast anymore. But when Frog confides that he misses his family, Turtle doesn’t understand–isn’t he their family? When the group decides to sail for home, will Turtle be all alone? Not so fast! Turtle finds out he has friends, family and a home at last.