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Kevin Miller wasn't asked to reprise role of Sly Cooper for the movie

Image of Sly Cooper from the CGI movie set for 2016.
Image of Sly Cooper from the CGI movie set for 2016.
Blockade Entertainment

Update: Corrected the date of the first "Sly Cooper" game.

Kevin Miller, the voice of Sly Cooper since his 2002 debut on the PlayStation 2, announced Tuesday he wasn't asked to reprise his role for the forthcoming CGI flick.

On the Second Funniest Podcast Facebook, which he hosts, Miller wrote a quick FAQ regarding the newly announced "Sly Cooper" film by Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment. He first states that yes, the "Sly Cooper" movie is really happening and will be released in 2016. Then he states his role in the film, or to put it bluntly, his lack of.

While I Kevin Miller cannot speak for the entire cast of the Sly games I can say I was not asked to play Sly Cooper in the film and told the part will likely go to an A-lister celebrity-type.

Devastating news for longtime "Sly Cooper" fans, as not only are Bentley's and Murray's voice actors present in the teaser trailer, but Miller has advocated for an animated series based on the games. Miller showed no ill will towards the news, however, and even told fans to support the movie, as it may lead to the animated series they desire.