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Kevin Liles talks new '40/40 Club' & Mariah Carey 'Butterfly' drinks

For the first time ever, by activating each Butterfly Bottle with a smartphone or tablet, Fans Have a Chance to Win a Trip to Mariah’s Summer Party in New York and Get Access to Exclusive 40/40 Club Events
For the first time ever, by activating each Butterfly Bottle with a smartphone or tablet, Fans Have a Chance to Win a Trip to Mariah’s Summer Party in New York and Get Access to Exclusive 40/40 Club Events
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For the first time ever, by activating 40/40 beverage bottles with a smartphone or tablet, fans have a chance to get access to exclusive 40/40 Club events.

he 40/40 Club Unveils New VIP Experiences with Kevin Liles | Scan 40/40 Beverage to Enter
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Kevin Liles is taking the 40/40 Club experience to another level through a sweepstakes that will give people the opportunity to attend special 4/40 events, concerts and performances. The 40/40 Club “VIP Experience” sweepstakes runs now to August 20th.

The 40/40 is a tea beverage inspired by New York’s one and only 40/40 Club owned by hip hop mogul Jay-Z and partner Juan Perez, and features a media network on the bottle. Consumers can access exclusive content – videos, photos, music, celebrity appearances, custom messages and sweepstakes – when they scan the bottle via the free Go N'Syde mobile app. Content will be refreshed frequently, giving fans an experience that they can't get anywhere else. 40/40 is exclusively available in 7,500 Walgreens nationwide and NY Metro area Duane Reade locations. – In celebration of the successful launches of the beverages Butterfly and 40/40 – Mariah Carey and former Def Jam President and CEO Kevin Liles are offering fans once-in-a-lifetime experiences, plus an exclusive look at Mariah like she’s never been seen before and a chance to enter to be invited to Mariah's end of summer party in New York City. Read the full interview below as well as the details for your chance to win!

Please see below for your chance to win:

· Visit any Walgreens store nationwide or Duane Reade stores located in New York and find the 40/40 beverage

· Download the free Go N’Syde mobile app

· While the Go N’Syde app is open, hold the smartphone up to a bottle or online at

· The app will automatically open up a world of exclusive content and ask for information to register for the sweepstakes (Anthony Bowles): How did the opportunity present itself for Jay-Z and Mariah Carey to have their own drink?

Kevin Liles: “The partnership stems from a meeting I originally had with executives from Walgreens. We were talking five year growth strategy and I asked for a list of the company’s best-selling product categories, the target audience and through conversations we discussed the hot value business being beverage. With 6 million people entering Walgreens daily – we looked at high maximization of their mission and discovered that the beverage segment was among the top. That’s when the inspiration struck, to partner with major icons and create something capable of becoming a significant player in that niche. I reached out to my longtime friends, Shawn Carter aka Jay Z and Mariah Carey, and put together deals quite a bit different from the traditional endorsement packaging. Both artists formed their own companies to produce the drinks; 40/40 and Butterfly.” (Anthony Bowles): Where did the inspiration come for the 40/40 Drink?

Kevin Liles: “With 40/40 I wanted to rival the half and half, most people know it as the Arnold Palmer, this is the 2014 version. I partnered with Jay Z Clubs around the world to create 40/40. We wanted to provide a new kind of entertainment network and a way for celebrities and brands to communicate with fans.” (Anthony Bowles): What can sweepstakes hopefuls expect from this contest?

Kevin Liles: “We wanted to take the 40/40 Club experience to another level with the sweepstakes, giving people the chance to attend and chill at exclusive events with 40/40 and for a chance to experience our new creation, the Brooklyn cocktail, which includes 40/40 the beverage, D'USSÉ the cognac and Amaretto.” (Anthony Bowles): What can fans expect from the new VIP experiences?

Kevin Liles: “Something to brag about to all their friends. Because we have a two for one – a great taste, cocktail mix and exclusive technology on our bottles. With the Butterfly we created the new Bellini with Prosecco and the new 40/40 beverage drink called the Brooklyn.” (Anthony Bowles): What can Mariah Carey’s fans expect from the experience and how is Mariah preparing for the occasion?

Kevin Liles: The Butterfly experience is similar to a Mariah performance, they are all once in a lifetime, most recently she has been busy organizing her exclusive summer party in NYC – a few lucky fans will win the chance to join her at her special event later this summer.” (Anthony Bowles): In what ways can Jay-Z’s and Mariah’s fans interact with them via the Go N’Syde App?

Kevin Liles: “Jay-Z and Mariah’s fans will be able to access content that can’t be seen anywhere else. Jay Z and Mariah get to program and acknowledge fans via augmented reality. One day it might be a private video from Mariah, the next day it could be VIP pictures and video from different celebrities chilling at the 40/40 club in NYC – we’re creating an interactive experience to keep fans thirsty and wanting more.” (Anthony Bowles): Lastly, how was your experience to work with great talent as Jay-Z and Mariah Carey?

Kevin Liles: “I’ve worked with both Mariah and Jay Z during my 30 year entertainment career both professionally and personally – they are more than icons they are visionaries and great business people.”

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