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Kevin J. Roper hadn't slept: Tracy Morgan crash update, in 'critical condition'

It seems that truck driver Kevin J. Roper hadn't slept for a full day before the major accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan seriously injured and in critical condition this weekend, prosecutors noted in an update on the harrowing limousine crash. The shocking incident occurred this Saturday morning while Roper was driving a Wal-Mart truck; the exhausted driver smashed into another vehicle and caused one death. MSN TV News tells the details known at this time surrounding the frightening crash that nearly cost Morgan his life this Monday, June 9, 2014.

Kevin J. Roper involved in car crash that hurts Tracy Morgan
Creative Commons, Flickr Images

It seems that both relative inexperience and a lack of rest may have contributed to the deadly accident involving Tracy Morgan and Kevin J. Roper. as the latter hadn’t slept for a full 24 hours leading up to the crash itself. Prosecutors in the ongoing case have stated that the truck driver should not have been operating any vehicle on such a prolonged lapse of sleep; the result was a tragic one.

According to an updated source on this celebrity news story, 35-year-old Roper was driving a truck for well-known chain store Wal-Mart when the accident took place. He has been sprung this Monday on a $50,000 bond, and is currently awaiting a new appearance in court this Wednesday in New Jersey. The accused is currently charged with one count of death by auto and four additional counts of auto related assault.

The criminal complaint cites that Kevin J. Roper hadn’t slept for an extended period of time, which eventually turned into a major cause of the crash itself. He is accused of operating a truck for Wal-Mart "without having slept for a period in excess of 24 hours resulting in a motor vehicle accident.” As of Monday evening, however, no specific basis for the claim has been given.

News Max tells that Roper never properly slowed down despite the heavy onset of traffic in front of him on the busy New Jersey street. In order to avoid a car crash, local authorities said that the Wal-Mart driver tried swerving out of the way, but only collided with Tracy Morgan’s big limo. Morgan’s longtime mentor, James” Jimmy Mack” McNair and a fellow comedian, was killed in the sudden accident on Saturday.

At this time, Morgan is being hospitalized and currently said to be in a “critical condition” status. His spokesman noted in a recent statement that the 45-year-old was fortunately “more responsive” than he was this weekend, but is still struggling. He underwent surgery on Sunday to treat a broken leg, and is also dealing with a cracked femur, a broken nose, and a number of damaged ribs. The beloved comedian is not anticipated to be released for a possible two months.

Regardless of whether trucker Kevin J. Roper hadn’t slept enough or not, avid Twitter users soon discovered that the man’s personal Twitter account read “Move or get hit” only days before the crash. Since then, it now says, “Trying to win more than lose! Driving trucks for a living #Walmart.” No comment by Roper or his defense team has been made following this prophetic social media update.

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