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Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant talk 'About Last Night'

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant
Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant
Screen Gems

The romantic comedy "About Last Night" (a remake of the 1986 movie of the same name) asks the question: "Can a relationship that starts off with casual sex turn into true love?" That's the question facing two Los Angeles couples: straight-laced Danny and Debbie (played by Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant) and crude Bernie and Joan (played by Kevin Hart and Regina Hall), who all hang out with each other.

Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart at the Los Angeles premiere of "About Last Night"
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Danny and Debbie hook up soon after they meet and quickly move in together before getting a chance to really know each other. Bernie and Joan have a volatile "friends with benefits" relationship, but could it turn into something more romantic and meaningful? Here is what Hart, Hall, Ealy and Bryant said during these interviews at the Los Angeles press junket for "About Last Night."

Interview with Kevin Hart and Regina Hall

Do you remember the first joke you ever wrote?

Hart: Mine was about a midget that robbed me. Very true story.

Hall: What? Is that based on a true story?

Hart: No, I made it up. I thought it was the most clever joke ever. The punch line of the joke was, "How am I supposed to know that you're robbing me when you're looking at him?" He was cross-eyed.

Hall: I'm not like Kevin. I don't have a stand-up comedy background.

Was there a lot of improvisation in your version of "About Last Night"?

Hart: Yeah.

Hall: Improv is one thing, but there's an art to standing in front of thousands of people and [doing stand-up comedy].

Hart: There's an art to improv too. I can honestly say that I've worked with a lot of females, and I'm an improv warrior. I go hard ... so to have someone go with you and not blink an eye, there's an art to that. Regina is right up there with one of the best improv'ers I've ever seen in my life.

Interview With Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant

What was the most awkward scene for you two to film in "About Last Night"?

Bryant: I feel like anytime you're making out, that's just awkward. The bathtub scene?

Ealy: That was nice, actually.

Bryant: Well, not for you. Ladies, we don't need to do bubble baths like that. I was like, "What kind of bubbles are they? Is it organic or phosphate? Is it yeasty in there? I don't know." I had to bathe in that.

Ealy: [He laughs.] It came out OK.

Joy, do you think Debbie is too passive with Danny? And are you like Debbie in any way?

Bryant: I think when you're in love with someone, it reveals a lot about yourself. You either rise to your highest highs or you stoop to your lowest lows. I've definitely been a little too passive in certain situations, because when you're in love with someone ...

Ealy: You're blinded a little bit.

Bryant: Yeah. Or you're afraid that they're going to leave or you don't want them to leave.

Ealy: [Debbie and Danny] are genuinely happy, and maybe it's not such a big deal.

In "About Last Night," Danny tends to give a gift to Debbie to make up with her after they've had an argument. Michael, what is the sweetest gesture you've ever made for a woman in real life?

Ealy: I've done exactly that ... 16 or 17 years ago. And it came back to me, just like in the movie.

Why should people see your version of "About Last Night"?

Ealy: I think it's perfect representation of real couples because it's not glossed over and highly romanticized. We get into the minutia of what a relationship is. You could be on cloud nine, and everything's just wonderful. Or you could be in the same place but so far apart. That's love.

Random question: If you could do a remake of "Star Wars," "Dumb and Dumber" or "Pretty Woman," which would you choose and why?

Ealy: "Dumb and Dumber" is my favorite comedy of all time.

Bryant: "Star Wars." I think we need a lady Chewbacca. That's me.

For more info: "About Last Night" website

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