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Kevin Garnett sued by neighbor over Malibu home renovation

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett is being sued by a neighbor because of his recent renovations in Malibu. TMZ reports on Monday that the NBA player is accused of doing illegal renovations that have blocked the ocean view of the neighbor. In addition, the neighbor claims Garnett is not trimming the trees on his property, and they are also blocking his view.

Garnett’s neighbor has accused him of deliberately renovating his home without getting permits because it is too time-consuming. In addition, Garnett is accused of not telling the city his exact plans for the home. The neighbor has called the Brooklyn Nets player a liar who has ignored his requests to fix the ocean view problem. The neighbor hopes the lawsuit will be enough to force him to make changes to his property.

An ocean view is valuable in Malibu, and Garnett’s neighbor shares that the renovations next door have eliminated his chance to see it. In addition, the basketball player’s refusal to trim trees around his house is also adding to the problem. He was upset after Garnett and his family ignored his pleas to fix these issues, so he has decided a lawsuit will get their attention. He hopes the blocks to his view are completely removed, and this issue fades into obscurity.

The neighbor’s anger may be based on more than a simple desire to see the ocean waves each morning with a cup of coffee. An ocean view can add 15 to 20 percent to a home’s value, so it should not be ignored. A view that is not blocked by any developments or other objects may be able to add even more to the value of a house. Garnett’s neighbor may be planning on selling his mansion, so his concerns about the view could be related to money.