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Kevin Bacon well worth following: ‘The Following’ Season 2 brings Bacon to Fox

Kevin Bacon has been loved by fans everywhere for his boyish good looks, exceptional acting abilities and great choices in films he has been involved in. He is an actor that no one ever tires of and each and every movie he has been in has been well worth watching.

The 'Following' season 2 premieres!
Valerie Macon / Getty Images

In the news reported on Jan. 13 from MTV it seems the Season 2 of the “The Following” is going to be a chilling experience for everyone who tunes in. The network at FOX will be bringing Kevin Bacon back as FBI agent Ryan Hardy starting on Jan. 19 with a mission to show he means business with Joe Carroll and his followers.

The “The Following” is the first television series Kevin Bacon has starred in. This cult following thriller that takes him to new levels as he does all he can to track an escaped killer.

The fifty-five year old actor is excited to be part of this TV thriller. He did have to start running again to be able to keep in shape for all the foot chases required in the show.

Bacon revealed to Parade that his children usually don’t watch his movies but are watching and following the “The Following”, it is that good.

Trivia tidbit:

Do you know that Kevin Bacon is afraid of mice? It’s true! And every time he spots one he sends in his personal mouse catcher to nab the little critter. The mouse catcher is none other than his wife, Kyra Sedgwick! Kyra and Kevin have been happily married for twenty-five years!

Will you be watching the season premiere on Jan. 19 to see Kevin and what will happen next on the show?

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