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Kevin Adorno: Man killed during bike ride to meet girlfriend in Miami

Kevin Adorno was on his way to meet up with his girlfriend in Miami on Monday night when his life was cut tragically short. He was in the last hours of a bike trip that started in Connecticut. When he reached Miami, he planned to have his girlfriend join him, and he had big plans for what he would do next. E Canada Now shared this man's story on Sept. 4.

Kevin Adorno killed during bike ride to Miami.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

Adorno was on a bike ride that was on his bucket list of things to do. Last year, he had taken a similar bike ride from Maine to Maryland with his sister, and this trip was meant to complete his bike ride of the east coast. He made it as far as Vero Beach in Florida before a homeless man killed him outside a local McDonald's restaurant. Adorno was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time, and she had no idea what happened to him. The call suddenly ended when he dropped the phone to the ground. She soon heard police sirens in the background.

Rene Herrera Cruz, a 59-year-old homeless man, confessed to committing the crime. He told police that he believed Adorno was on the phone with someone that planned to attack him. The Vero Beach police shared the following statement about Adorno's murder:

"[Cruz] stated that he thought Adorno was directing other people via cell phone to attack him and Cruz therefore felt threatened and attacked Adorno. It was evident from the amount of blood that he had been stabbed several times in the chest and arm. Although EMS and Fire Rescue also assisted in the attempts to save Adorno; he succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced deceased a short time later at the IRMH."

After the stabbing, Adorno stumbled into the restaurant, and those on scene tried to help him until paramedics arrived. Cruz ran across the street to Burger King to get rid of the knife and his bloody shirt. Local police knew of Cruz because of another incident that happened on Sunday night at the Burger King, and they arrested him on scene. He told police he felt customers at the McDonald's were watching him. Police charged the man with first-degree murder.

During Adorno's trip, he shared photos on social media. These photos and their memories are all his family has left. His family revealed that Adorno planned to propose to his girlfriend Elyse when he caught up with her on Miami. She would ride the last 20 miles of his journey with him, and he planned to propose at the end of it. The police found the engagement ring in his pocket. Kevin and Elyse met three years ago at the wedding of his cousin. His sister said the following about his proposal plans, according to Mail Online:

"The engagement ring he had picked out was in his pocket. The only person who knew about it was our mother. Along the route, he spotted another antique set of rings. He took a photograph and texted mom to see what she thought. She told him to stick with his original choice. Elyse was going to join him on the final leg of the ride, 20 miles from Miami. She didn't know it but that's when he planned to propose to her. He was a big romantic with Elyse. They met three years ago at our cousin's wedding and immediately afterwards he wooed her with a big bouquet of flowers."

Kevin Adorno owned a media company, and his family remembers him as a huge romantic. He even made sure his sisters had a rose on Valentine's Day. His family also remembers his love of soccer, and he taught his young nephews how to kick a soccer ball and some tricks. He was the youngest in a family with four children. His sister also shared that he was the type of person to help the less fortunate. If Rene Cruz had asked him for help, Kevin would have helped him.

It is clear from the police statement and Cruz's confession that the man is mentally ill. Adorno was not calling anyone to hurt the homeless man. Kevin stopped at the wrong place to eat that night. His family and friends have now lost a young man that had a bright future ahead of him.

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