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Kevin Adorno: Homeless man stabs Adorno to death before he could propose to GF

Kevin Adorno was a graphic designer who set out to bike from Maryland to Miami to propose to his girlfriend. However, he never finished his 15-hour bike ride. As reported by WBPF News on Sep. 3, Adorno was stabbed to death by a Hispanic homeless man outside a McDonald's restaurant in Florida while the cyclist was on the phone with his girlfriend, authorities said.

Farmington Man Stabbed to Death in Florida

The 28-year-old was stabbed to death at the McDonald's in Vero Beach on Monday night just before reaching the end of a "bucket list," which included the grueling bike ride. Mail Online wrote that Adorno, from Farmington in Connecticut, had left home in mid-August to complete his dream of cycling down the east coast. Last year, he and his sister had cycled from Maine to Maryland, and this year, he planned to finish the rest of the journey.

He had shared dozens of photographs along his route, including images of his bike propped up on sandy beaches and in city centers. He planned to propose marriage to his girlfriend when he got to Miami.

Adorno was seriously wounded in the chest and arms. According to several witnesses, Adorno was attacked outside the restaurant while talking on a cell phone. Adorno managed to stagger into the restaurant but died shortly afterwards at the Indian River Memorial Hospital.

"He happened to stop here in Vero Beach, grabbed a bite to eat, and was charging his cell phone," said Police Chief David Currey.

"He got on the phone with his girlfriend, who we understand he was going to propose to be married. He was talking to her, and Mr. Cruz approached him in the parking lot and killed him."

Police arrested Rene Herrera Cruz, 59, who told them that at the time of the incident Adorno was on the phone, and he thought he was ordering others to attack him. Herrera Cruz was charged with first-degree murder.

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