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Kevin Adorno: Adorno's weeks-long bike trip ends with stabbing by homeless man

Kevin Adorno had one thing on his mind while riding since mid-August: He was determined to marry his girlfriend. Adorno – a 28-year-old graphic designer from Unionville, Connecticut – hopped on his bike last month on a trans-state bike ride, a bucket list ambition that was to end with a proposal. Instead, Adorno’s near-fiancé is planning his funeral after he was stabbed by a homeless man suffering a mental breakdown.

Florida Today says Adorno was only about 100 miles from completing his journey when he stumbled into a McDonald’s restaurant Monday after the attack. Adorno was on his cell phone with his girlfriend, identified only as Elyse, when he was assualted. “Adorno's girlfriend told investigators she didn't hear any sounds from a confrontation. But she did hear the phone drop, then silence, and eventually sirens in the background,” writes Florida Today.

Police in Vero Beach, Florida say Adorno was being watched by 59-year-old Rene Herrera Cruz, who thought Adorno was on his cell phone “directing other people to attack him,” writes a police affidavit. Cruz walked up to Adorno, took a fillet knife out of his backpack, and plunged it several times into Adorno’s chest and arms. Cruz then went across the street and sat down in a Burger King.

When police arrived, Adorno was found on the floor at McDonald’s floor, near the bathrooms. An engagement ring was discovered by police in Adorno’s pocket. He was taken to the hospital, where he died several hours later.

“It was evident from the amount of blood that he had been stabbed several times in the chest and arm,” the police statement said. “Cruz admitted to stabbing Adorno; Cruz had felt as if people kept watching him. He thought Adorno was directing other people via cell phone to attack him and Cruz therefore felt threatened and attacked Adorno.”

Witnesses said Adorno had no contact with Cruz prior to the attack.

Adorno had left Maryland in mid-August. Cruz is being held without bond at the Indian River County Jail. Elyse had intended to meet Adorno and finish the ride with him, where a proposal was then planned for the finale.

Adorno’s friend Ken Silva said Adorno was “Just a pure soul as charismatic as anyone could ever be, smile from ear to ear always generous. Just a really good guy.”

The mentally ill homeless man who stabbed Adorno has been charged with murder.

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