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Kettlebell ladders for endurance

Kettlebell ladders for endurance
Atlanta Endurance Examiner

Inspiration is what gets us started, Discipline is what keeps us going. To be successful in our endeavors, we need both, Inspiration & Discipline.

Inspiration is easy. Something catches our eye, we move towards it. Discipline is tough, and has lots of enemies with lots of clever sayings. "This is boring." "Do something else." "That’s good enough." Once we figure out that we can drown these negative voices in a pool of sweat, it’s time to go swimming.

This week’s Workout Of the Week was curated in an attempt to silence & drown those voices. Just because we strive for Consistency doesn’t mean we have to eliminate Variety. They make a good couple, don’t they?

KB Swing & Clean & Press Ladder:

  • 10 KB Swings
  • 10 KB Clean & Press (each arm)
  • 10 KB Swings
  • 9 KB Clean & Press (each arm)

. . . continue alternating between 10 KB Swings and decrease the number of KB Clean & Presses by one until one.

This is a very quick workout, as in, it doesn’t take much time, but the mental & physical advancements we make from applying ourselves to our goal, day after day, reap massive returns from our deceptively modest investments.

Another beauty of this workout is that it serves as a good template for other modifications and other workouts that will improve our endurance. We can substitute the Clean & Press for Goblet Squats, Snatches, Sumo Pulls, or anything we please. Additionally, the ladder can go down or up . . . we can start with 1 rep on our first set and work up to 10 . . . or we can splinter the ladder and start with 5, down to 1, then 1 back up to 5.

When working towards Consistency, never forget that Variety can be your greatest complementary asset.