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Ketosis an autoimmune solution and evolution

Ketone Reader
Phil Gradwell

Ketones.... a health solution not a sound! It would be easily confused for some foreign musicians or possibly a upcoming movie rather than clean fuel for our cellular metabolism. The next several articles will be on the topic of ketogenic diet benefits, gluten intolerance, celiac disease and grains/carbohydrates link to several disease processes including a gamut of autoimmune disease/neurological disorders/diseases that riddle our culture with so much confusion, heartbreak and chronic pain.

Just a quick intro into basic metabolism of human beings. It is commonly believed that our chemistry should rely heavily on glucose to supply our bodies with energy to operate properly so we don’t end up 6 feet under or burnt to a crisp scattered off some famous site. Well, while this is the typical fuel for most of humanity currently, it is more recent to all of human history as we did not always have such agriculture as we do today. There is ample suggestive evidence to indicate that humanity leaned more towards ketones for fuel which is simply fat metabolized into energy as opposed to stored somewhere in organs or saturating the bloodstream. This state happens when the livers reserves of glycogen runs out and it then produces ketone bodies acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate which are used for energy.

* Spoiler: The next article will contain evidence proving saturated fat does not lead to cardiovascular disease unless you consume it at the same time as you do carbohydrates. That exciting research will forever change the way you see saturated fat and may inspire you to take up a significant chunk of your calorie intake along with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

What makes this so interesting are the following studied effects of a metabolism in a state of ketosis:

  • “Clean Burning Fuel”
  • Less generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Increased antioxidant defense
  • Greater efficiency in providing cellular energy
  • Increase in work output, while a decrease in oxygen consumption

The following scientific abstract is super technical but is provided to give insight into the details of how all of the above takes place in ketosis. Skip the jargon if your brain (much like the authors) hurts trying to digest it all.

  • Addition of insulin or a physiological ratio of ketone bodies to buffer with 10 mM glucose increased efficiency (hydraulic work/energy from O2 consumed) of working rat heart by 25%, and the two in combination increased efficiency by 36%. These additions increased the content of acetyl CoA by 9- to 18-fold, increased the contents of metabolites of the first third of the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle 2- to 5-fold, and decreased succinate, oxaloacetate, and aspartate 2- to 3-fold. Succinyl CoA, fumarate, and malate were essentially unchanged . . . Viewed in this light, the moderate ketosis characteristic of prolonged fasting or type II diabetes appears to be an elegant compensation for the defects in mitochondrial energy transduction associated with acute insulin deficiency or mitochondrial senescence. (full abstract)

What does the above mean to you? If you decrease the metabolic waste and demand on the body you increase the potential of slowing, stopping and in some cases reversing certain disease processes. Auto-immune diseases are showing significant improvement to keto-adaptation and here are some of the following reasons why:

  • Better fuel delivery to brain
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Protein sparing (meaning you require less protein to maintain mass & energy)
  • Decreased central fatigue
  • Less lactate
  • Decreased ventilatory drive
  • Improve body composition/power-to-weight ratio
  • Better/faster recovery
  • Reduced systemic inflammation and inflammatory response to intense exercise
  • Less disruption to muscle membranes and indicators of muscle damage
  • Better preservation of critical cell membrane components involved in gut cyto-protection (i.e., less mucosal damage and exercise-induced GI bleeding)
  • Improved host defense against infection

This is really just to wet your appetite for the following articles that will be written to share this authors recent discovery due to a close call with rapid-onset illness that was leading to a early grave at 29 years of age. The author thus far is solving the mystery of his own rapid decline and is integrating dietary changes into a ketogenic diet which is one that is high fat, moderate protein and low-no carb. There are absolutely no grains in a ketogenic diet, regardless if they are gluten-free or not.

The author has had not only his acute rapid-onset symptoms settle down but chronic pain that he has had for at least 20 years also vanished within days of following a diet that is more ketogenic. This is mostly from avoiding irritants to the gut for the author's particular circumstance as ketosis may take weeks to enter. Nonetheless there is much to learn from the authors experience.

In addition of removing most insoluble fiber from his diet due to a recent confrontation with a norovirus that caused gastroenteritis (which flared up a deep-seated gluten-sensitivity) the author was unaware he had until he ended up in a physical state which his clinician described as none other than sepsis. More will be explained in the next article as more is being discovered literally everyday as the author buries his face in research journals regarding the data behind ketosis and the benefits of living a grain-free life.

More on the front of regenerative medicine. Printing organs and devices in order to save infants lives. Take a look at what scientists at the University of Michigan Health System are bridging together. Just check out the Baby's Life Saved After 3-D Printed Devices Were Implanted Restore His Breathing Scientific Article.

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“You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.”

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