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Kershaw County K9 dies after accident

K9 officer Corley
K9 officer Corley
Kershaw County Sheriffs Office Facebook page

One county in South Carolina lost a valuable member of its tracking team after a K9 officer was hit by a vehicle.

The accident, which occurred on March 30, severely injured the bloodhound named Corley.

On Monday, The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office posted a request on their Facebook page, asking for donations to help cover her costly surgery. At that time they expected Corley would fully recover. But later that same day, the sheriff's office had sad news to report.

K9 officer Corley died while under sedation for a CT scan.

According to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook, “Her injury was too severe and caused too much damage to her heart."

While not reporting how many arrests Corley was specifically involved with, the sheriff’s office did say that their K9 dogs “have tracked down over 50 criminals and do an outstanding service for our community.”

The sheriff's office also posted on Facebook their thanks for the phone calls and offers of financial support received.

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