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Kerry Washington, ‘Scandal’ teams up with ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ for ‘Escandalo’

Guillermo will be starring in #Escandalo  #Kimmell
Jimmy Kimmell / Twitter

Scandal” fans watched the return of the popular show on ABC and it appeared that the White House had a whole new set of problems. The viewers were happy to see Kerry Washington and the cast of the “Scandal” be part of their Thursday night TV viewing routine. Fans were happy to hear the show didn’t stop there. After the late night news “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” offered a look at a Telenovela for the fans featuring the entire cast of “Scandal.”

“The cast of #Scandal & #Kimmel's own Guillermo will be starring in #Escandalo a Telenovela! @JimmyKimmelLive TONIGHT,” tweeted the official Scandal show Twitter account on Thursday.
The message was verified by Jimmy Kimmel who let his fans know as well.

“Jimmy, Guillermo and the cast of #Scandal in #Escandalo TONIGHT on #Kimmel,” tweeted Jimmy Kimmel from his official Twitter account on Thursday.

The fans were surprised about the announcement as nobody was aware that Jimmy Kimmel invited the cast of the popular show on his show, let alone offer them a chance to be part of a Telenovela. As it goes with Jimmy Kimmel, the fans are expected to see something quite hilarious as people usually are pleased with his over the top antics, especially when it comes to incorporating celebrities.

While the show was tight-lipped on what to expect, everyone knows that most of the group numbers are extravagant. Like the time the star shared the stage with the cast of “The Monument Men” or when all the characters were on from the “Twilight” movie series.

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