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Kerry talks tough to Russia, threatens costly sanctions

John Kerry threatened Russia today and promised more sanctions for failing to de-escalate tensions and problems in Ukraine.
John Kerry threatened Russia today and promised more sanctions for failing to de-escalate tensions and problems in Ukraine.
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Secretary of State John F. Kerry threatened additional sanctions against Russia for failing to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine, according to ABC News on Thursday. A week ago Russia promised to support the Geneva Agreement, to take steps to reduce tensions, and to de-escalate the mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Kerry expressed his anger over the fact that none of Russia's promises has come to fruition and that the situation in Ukraine is as volatile and precarious as it was before the agreement was reached.

Kerry warned that Russia's continuity in this practice would cost the nation and "will be an expensive mistake." Kerry also accused Russia of orchestrating the mask bearing protesters in eastern Ukraine who have emerged over the last few months, highlighting the fact that the protesters speak with foreign accents and wear identical uniforms. Kerry also discussed the fact that photos have emerged of fighters who presumably also were present in conflicts in Georgia and Chechnya and condemned Russia's violent practices in such conflicts. He stated:

"Russia has chosen an illegitimate, coercive armed violence to achieve with the barrel of a gun and the force of a mob what couldn't be achieved any other way."

Kerry also went on the offensive against the organization called Russia Today (RT), alleging that it is none other than a propaganda machine for Russia that propagandizes Russia's involvement in Ukraine. Kerry alleged that the RT is a "propaganda bullhorn" for Russia and denoted the ridiculousness of the Vladimir Putin's claim that the internet is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) project.

John Kerry, a native of Colorado who attended boarding school and college in Massachusetts, was appointed Secretary of State by President Obama after his re-election to the Presidency in 2012. He served in the United States Senate from 1985 to 2013 and ran as the Democratic Party Presidential nominee in 2004, losing to George W. Bush. He was awarded the Silver Star for his role as an officer in charge on a Swift Boat during the Vietnam War in 1968-'69.

Kerry is known for his direct talk and decisive manner of getting his point across and leaving no doubts about his positions, such as his definitive description of Russia's troublesome role in the Ukraine matter:

“For seven days, Russia has refused to take a single concrete step in the right direction. Not a single Russian official -- not one -- has publicly gone on television in Ukraine and called on the separatists to support the Geneva Agreement, to support the stand-down, to give up their weapons and get out of the Ukrainian buildings."

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