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Kerry's big mistake: Negotiating with Hamas

While you were out, Mr. President...

While you were out, Mr. President

Israel has it correct that Hamas is a terrorist organization that has now taken over Gaza. However that happened doesn’t matter. The net result is the same and that is they are terrorists. Gaza citizens who empowered them are co-conspirators. Now, you may argue that not all Gaza citizens wanted Hamas in power. Alright, for those who didn’t, what did they do? Did they resist? Did they seek assistance from the free world or Israel to resist? Apparently they did not.
When people dont stand and defend what they believe is right, they emphatically lose.

A poll taken last month and reported in the National Post says that Gaza citizens don’t want what Hamas has dished out.

“The results, released last month, found the average Palestinian — the family man in Gaza — wanted peace, along with an end to government corruption, crime and the terrorist group’s influence on daily life. But, most of all, he wanted a steady job — in Israel — not a fresh round of Hamas rocket fire, followed by Israeli retaliation.”

The right path for Israel is to help the Gaza people rid themselves of Hamas and to help them get jobs. Now, that is a huge challenge because Gaza is overcrowded. Too many people live there as it is. Hamas leaders are staying in 5-star hotels in Doha and they say they want bring 10 million more Arabs with Palestinian lineage back to Gaza. That is inconceivable. 99% of the people they are talking about weren’t born in Gaza or the West Bank. They are citizens from the land in which they live. You can’t be displaced from where you have never been?

You see the absurdity of this?

The story is that Kerry is running around the Middle East in a frenzy trying to negotiate with Hamas when first, they are terrorists, and second, don’t truly want to end the situation in which they have lost and have gained nothing.

Secretary Kerry and his vacationing boss need to come clean with Turkey and Egypt that Hamas is persona non grata. Get it out of their minds that Gaza people will be represented by terrorists.

Israel needs to put a deal on the table for Gaza citizen that Israel will assist them in developing a sustainable economy based on Gaza establishing a legitimate government. Doing that may be a first step toward Gaza people and Israel developing a partnership for the future.

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