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Kerry onto Ramallah as protestors wait in chant: 'Kerry go home'

The tone in Jerusalem was serious Friday morning as Secretary of State John Kerry met with Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, according to Haaretz digital edition from Israel Friday afternoon.

Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has shown serious concerns during yesterday’s meeting over the successful conclusion of the framework plan set in motion over the past five months with Kerry acting as a moderator.

This is the second meeting between Kerry and Netanyahu and a separate meeting with Lieberman since the arrival of the Kerry on Thursday.

The second meeting today with Lieberman, which lasted nearly three hours, also included Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Israeli envoy Isaac Molho.

The Israeli Foreign Prime Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told Kerry that his efforts are greatly appreciated.‘Continued dialogue with the Palestinians is of great importance,' Lieberman told Kerry.’

The Foreign Ministry also added that a secure Israel and a solid economic foundation for Palestine were needed as a foundation of an agreement.

Lieberman underscored that even if all problems and disputes are resolved, there are still issues regarding the day after a peace agreement is signed. ‘These should be dealt with already at this stage,’ he said.

After a deal is reached, said Lieberman, Arab countries in the region may wish to transfer the Palestinian refugees currently living in their lands to the territories under Palestinian control.

Kerry made a surprise appearance at a briefing by State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki to students from an American Jewish Committee delegation.

Some of the students present reported what Kerry has said in their Twitter accounts and even posted photographs. One of the students said that Kerry explained he was ‘wading through a volatile cocktail of issues.’ Kerry reportedly added that ‘the U.S. is working with a lot of good will, and 'both leaders recognize the consequences of failure.’

Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ.) is also in Jerusalem meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu after the Kerry meeting. He told a news conference that, ‘Netanyahu has serious, serious concern about the plan as it has been presented to him, whether it be on the ability of Israel to defend its borders, on the reliability of a Palestinian state ... and particularly on the overall security.’

McCain stated, ‘We also are very concerned,’ he said, standing alongside fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Kerry is set to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas later on Friday. But even as he made his way to Ramallah, Palestinians were protesting on the streets of the city, chanting ‘Go home.’ One Palestinian official described the framework agreement that Kerry is trying to broker as 'a worthless piece of paper.’

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