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Kerry believes in Obama’s weak and ignorant foreign policy

As Putin expands Russian power rebuilding the Soviet Union, Obama is contesting him with strong words as he reduces America's military.
As Putin expands Russian power rebuilding the Soviet Union, Obama is contesting him with strong words as he reduces America's military.
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Liberals are condemning Bush for creating an atmosphere in which Putin feels confident to reassert Soviet domination because the Bush Doctrine of taking down terrorists was too violent, and that the Reagan Doctrine of Peace through Strength was wrong. Kerry believes the Obama Doctrine of peace through meek diplomacy is the way to respond to Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine. He announced how he admired Ukrainian restraint in going through this “transition in government” as Putin seized the Crimean Peninsula and is preparing to move to reoccupy the rest of the country.

Liberals like Colmes and Maddow blamed Bush for not acting when Putin took Georgia in late 2008. Putin clearly acted on the basis of knowing that a community organizer peon was about to become president of the United States who wouldn't have a clue how to deal with foreign policy. Obama's promise to be more flexible for Putin after getting re-elected appears to be more willing to bend over for him.

Democrats are proving they don't have the diplomatic ability to handle Putin. Hillary Clinton compared Putin to Hitler rather than to Stalin and then said we need to tone down the rhetoric. Obama is saying Russia will pay a heavy price through sanctions for invading another country, which Putin denies he even did. The problem for Obama is that America is not economically stable thanks to his policies, nor is Europe economically free.

Alan Colmes says Obama is the only president to ever use the phrase “American Exceptionalism” despite having proven he has no understanding of the term. He and his fellow libs say Republicans are unpatriotic for criticizing Obama's lack of foreign policy understanding in this time of crisis. When they were condemning Bush’s foreign policy they were shouting out how patriotic they were.

Tucker Carlson said it is silly to see all these armchair strategists piping up as if Russia has no interest in Ukraine and as if the U.S. has an interest in intervening militarily. Colmes accused Carlson of believing only the worst of Obama and will never understand his brilliance. As if Obama understands anything outside of community agitating with his infantile diplomacy beginning with giving the Russians a “reset button” to make everything better.

As Soviets resurge into Eastern Europe, Iran develops nuclear weapons, China threatens Japan and Taiwan, and North Korea threatens South Korea, Obama's brilliant foreign policy begins at home with shrinking the military to pre-WWII levels and expanding welfare and food stamp programs for people who don't want to work. Barack Obama has never had the resume not the intellectual competence to be president, but the world is stuck with him. And Russian, Ukrainian, European, and American soldiers are all thinking between Putin's aggression and Obama's impotence the two are going to get them killed.

Clueless Democrats shocked by Putin’s moves to rebuild the Soviet Union