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Keratin Lounge by Lasio

Keratin Lounge's client chek-in area
Caren Kong

Many women who want to eliminate frizz and have smooth straight hair are flocking to salons in droves to get keratin treatments. These treatments, which lasts for months, offer a very viable alternative to daily blow drying or flat ironing. Lasio has opened up the Keratin Lounge on 38th St, a salon specializing in keratin treatments. A quiet oasis amidst the traffic and noise of midtown, the Keratin Lounge offers a variety of keratin treatments, as well as, haircuts, coloring and styling.

The salon offers four different types of keratin treatments to suit the needs of the client. The One Day Treatment gives the most drastic straightening results and can last up to four months. Keratin Tropic is formaldehyde free and for those who do not want to totally eliminate their curls. This treatment gets rid of frizz while giving you the option to have your curls. Color Pro is designed for chemically processed hair. Mocha Silk is touted as a safer alternative to relaxers and perms for ethnic hair types.

While many women have heard of keratin treatments, most of them would not be able to tell you what it is or how it works. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in hair and nails. This protein can become depleted due to damage from styling, environmental factors and even stress. A keratin straightening treatment uses heat to bond the keratin in the treatment solution to the keratin inside your hair. Therefore, a treatment involves wetting the hair with the keratin solution, and then the stylist will flat iron your hair to activate the treatment. The additional keratin gives hair a straighter shinier appearance.

Now that you know a bit about what keratin treatments are, here is what Lasio says makes their formula different from others on the market. Lasio states that their treatments that do have it, have .02% methylene glycol (which when heated becomes formaldehyde). The FDA stipulates that keratin treatment formulas can have no more than .2%, so Lasio's formula fall well below this requirement. The company also says that their formula is water based as opposed to silicone based. Being water based drastically cuts down on treatment time and still allows the hair to maintain volume.

After learning some facts about keratin treatments, if you want to explore the possibilities of getting a treatment, you can visit the website or the actual location at 39 W 38th St, 2nd fl, New York, NY 10018 (212) 477-2088.

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