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Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, Pets, Touch My Rash and Ugly Bunny perform at X-Bar

Sacramento Pop Punk act Kepi Ghoulie headlined a night of live Punk music on Saturday, January 4th at Cupertino's X-Bar. Produced by Grand Fanali Presents, this show's lineup featured four acts from Sacramento, all of which shared band members, in addition to a San Jose act comprised of three local radio DJs.

Ugly Bunny at X-Bar January 4th, 2014
Copyright Geoffrey Smith II
Gwendolyn of Ugly Bunny
Copyright Geoffrey Smith II

Kepi Ghoulie are fronted by the Groovie Ghoulies bandmember of the same name, and were full of energy and wit, kicking off their performance with the track 'Hey Kepi Let's Go,' then showering the audience with balloons. Kepi's backing band consisted of Gwendolyn Giles and Lucy Giles, also known as Dog Party when performing as a duo. Aquabats guitarist Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk was a surprise addition to the live lineup, and Kepi guided him through the set by slyly working the key of each song into his onstage banter. Kepi Ghoulie's set saw the audience at the height of their energy, with people dancing and tossing around balloons the entire time.

The previously mentioned Dog Party are comprised of teenage sisters Gwendolyn and Lucy, and the guitarist and drummer pair cranked out a set of energetic and fun Pop Punk tunes, starting off with the favorite 'How You Doin?' This band's been picking up a lot of steam recently, and it's easy to see why, with their unapologetic fun attitude and strong musicianship.

Pets were sandwiched in the middle of the lineup, and had members from three other acts, even though they normally perform as a duo. Labeled as Post Punk, Pets took the music in a slightly darker direction, and featured drumming from members of both Kepi Ghoulie and Dog Party, and guest vocals from Gwendolyn of Dog Party.

Touch My Rash were the second act to hit the stage, featuring a live lineup consisting of three DJs from local radio station KSCU, trading in their decks for a guitar, bass and drumkit. They dished out a grittier, faster flavor of Punk than the others.

Ugly Bunny opened the night, setting themselves apart by featuring two vocalist/keyboardists along with a drummer, and were the only act to feature electronic instruments. They claim The Eurythmics and Depeche Mode as influences, and it was easy to see why, with their dark, somber electronic Rock sound.

Despite the light attendance, this proved to be a solid night of punk music that further established The X-Bar as a key destination for live music South of San Francisco.

In addition to the slideshow above, you can see a full gallery of photos from this night by clicking here.

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