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Kenya stirs the drama pot; Todd’s questionable past is brought up

Kenya, Cynthia and Natalie spill the tea
Kenya, Cynthia and Natalie spill the tea

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting even juicier, especially when they keep bringing in outside folk to drop atom bombs of information about the seasoned cast mates. When Chuck Smith and his wife Mynique appeared on a couple of episodes, he distastefully states that Kandi and Phaedra were merely part of his “jump off/groupie team”.

This episode Cynthia and Peter celebrate their 3-year anniversary at Peter’s Bar One with singer/actor Christopher Williams and his (common law?) wife Natalie; whose sole purpose for coming on is to bring up Todd’s past –oh yeah- and for Christopher to serenade Cynthia per Peter’s request.

Natalie mentions that Todd dated her friend years ago and broke her heart when he cheated. She calls him a hustler and adds, “Todd knows how to find himself in situations to better himself.” Peter takes that statement and runs with the opportunist label. A label Peter was all too familiar with when Cynthia brought him on the show.

Cynthia spills this tea with Kenya, Marlo (who is probably still vying for a position on the show), Malorie and NeNe on their way to meet up with the other ladies on a trip to a wine vineyard. Marlo talks about Kandi and Phaedra being fat and Kenya chimes in that Phaedra was too fat to do an exercise video in that green outfit that made her look like the Jolly Green Giant.

Once the wine gets flowing so does their mouths with hearsay. Natalie discusses how she and Christopher Williams eloped years ago. Kenya says Christopher told her years ago when they did a play together that Natalie was his common law wife. Natalie didn’t confirm or deny it was true. Does that mean it’s true or not? Sadly, this doesn’t get straightened out in this episode.

Kenya gets Natalie all riled up and then decides to throw the new chick under the bus by bringing up how she spread gossip about Todd being an opportunist. A term Natalie quickly denies using. Kandi’s red hair wasn’t the only thing fiery when she listens to Natalie trying to explain away her comments about Todd dating certain women to improve his lifestyle and career.

“Bottom line for you to say that he just wanted to date up you just let me know you think I’m a hot b**ch…He came up. Give it up for Todd.” Kandi shouts, stands up and toast to this revelation with the ladies and laughs off Kenya’s and Natalie’s attempt to throw shade at Kandi’s relationship. Bravo Kandi! Keep it moving haters!

Honorable mentions on the show:

1. Kenya decides to have a baby possibly via a sperm donor

2. Todd decides to work with Kandi to produce her play

3. NeNe stops by Porsha’s new home and critique’s every room just like a big sister would do

4. Peter surprises Cynthia with a romantic dinner for two in the empty building he purchased that’s allegedly depleting their bank account

5. Kandi’s camp is worried about the success of her play

6. Kenya refers to Natalie’s supposed marriage certificate as a gift certificate

7. Kandi considers a court house wedding to avoid the wrath of Mama Joyce

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