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Kenya Moore to 911 operator 'I've just been assaulted'

Kenya Moore says she isn't a fighter but she sure is quick to snitch. On April 1, TMZ reported that Kenya Moore called 911 to report an assault after the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show fight with Porsha Williams.

Kenya Moore called 911 after instigating Porsha into a fight.
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Listen to the audio of the 911 call when Kenya reports the crime. She is quick to point the finger at "RHOA" co-star Porsha Williams and even describes her down to her gold dress. When asked by the emergency operator what she needed help with, Kenya says she was assaulted and that Porsha hit her in the head.

Kenya waited on the third floor of the Biltmore Hotel for police to show up so she could file a report. There have been no reports of any arrest or charges against Porsha Williams at this time. It is still not clear if she will face any legal trouble for beating on Kenya.

The fight started when Kenya began taunting Porsha again about being a "beard" for Kordell Stewart. To drive her point home, Kenya even brought some sex toys and began making suggestions to Porsha about them. Porsha finally had all she could take and she charged at Kenya.

News spread of the "RHOA" fight and those who witnessed the beat down said Porsha was clearly the winner. Kenya took to Twitter in her own defense and posted that she refuses to fight. Maybe that is why Porsha had no trouble mopping her across the reunion stage.

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