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Kenya Moore starts a war with Vivica Fox on set of 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore feud on set of "Celebrity Apprentice."
Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore feud on set of "Celebrity Apprentice."
Vivica Fox/Instagram

Kenya Moore has sparked up yet another feud. This time the star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Celebrity Apprentice" might be messing with the wrong one though. The animosity between Kenya and Vivica Fox on the set of Donald Trump's reality show is pretty fierce after Kenya's most recent stunt. According to All About The Real Housewives on Wednesday, Kenya Moore stole a cell phone from Vivica Fox while they were filming and posted to Vivica's Twitter account.

Who knows what Kenya was thinking when she snagged Vivica's phone and posted to Twitter saying, “This menopause id [sic] killing me I can’t think straight, im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isn’t sexy.” Vivica Fox wasn't amused and it definitely got Kenya an earful. She immediately took to Twitter and removed the hijacked post.

Apparently Kenya didn't realize that starting a feud with Vivica was definitely beyond any stunt she has pulled before. Vivica is fuming mad and reportedly cussed Kenya out. Then she took to social media to share her own feelings about the situation and she didn't mince words either. Fox posted the following message to her account after the hijacked post was removed, "Was trying to hold my tounge ya'll but I can't stand a lying trick! GAME ON TRICK." That tweet was immediately followed by this one that tended to clear up exactly whom she was talking about, "FYI! My last tweet was in response to me making it clear that I do believe 100 percent that Kenya stole my phone! Trick Chick."

Now we've already heard that Kenya Moore was fired from "Celebrity Apprentice" but that doesn't mean the feud is over. It looks like Kenya can't take part in any reality TV series without making a few enemies. Has she ever been able to get along with anyone for an extended period of time? We did hear she and Kate Gosselin made nice while filming though and that makes no sense at all.