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Kenya Moore leaked Porsha Stewert’s tape? New Facebook scam includes ‘RHOA’

Kenya Moore's name is used illegally in a Facebook scam
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” beware of the latest scam to hit social media. With the final installment of the reunion show over, the fans get the chance to see some lighthearted content on Sunday night with hilarious moments and behind-the-scenes footage from the season. According to Fashion and Style on Sunday, the fans are going to be served up some fun and softer moments from the cast.

There is no happiness in the new Facebook scam that ties up your computer and shares a virus with friends and family. The latest scam has viewers shocked and people stunned as it involves the names of several Bravo cast members, but the fake endorsement is causing trouble for viewers at home on their computers. Asking people if they want to see Kenya Moore’s version of Porsha Stewart' sex tape, those individuals who think there might be such a thing are victims on their computers (to be clear there has never been a sex tape reported.)

The scam starts by clicking on the links to bring the victim to a fake Facebook page. It tells them they can only view the “restricted” video content if they decide share the link with online Facebook friends first. Then once the link is clicked, the nasty spam gets involved in the delivery of malware to your computer. Sometimes the link is immediately spread to friends and family via your email as well. There are different versions of the scam currently on social media.

So why do people sent out these fake viruses and over the top looks to the public? The scammers make money doing it and once it starts, unless people know about it, a Facebook scam is hard to stop. Which leave fans realizing to keep their eyes on the Bravo TV show and for anything else on the computer simply don’t click because it is just another scam and the cast of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are victims too as their names are being used illegally.

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