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Kenya Moore is evil? Donald Trump slams ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star

Kenya Moore evil or misunderstood? Ask Donald Trump
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Is Kenya Moore an evil woman? While fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” were a bit surprised at the reality star’s actions during the Bravo show (and then on the reunion,) it appears that Donald Trump found the celebrity almost too much to handle on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice.” According to PopDust on Friday, the millionaire reality show host called Kenya Moore “the most evil woman I’ve ever met.” And then he fired her from the show.

Coming from Donald Trump, there is a moment when viewers have to ponder what exactly that means. Donald has reflected that Rosie O’Donnell was the most negative woman he knew. With this new revelation it seems that Kenya Moore has taken the top spot and the show hasn't even been aired yet for the fans to decide who might be eviler.

So what are some of the alleged “evil” things that were done on the show? The typical yelling and screaming was allegedly part of the program and other small offenses. Fans might really be rolling their eyes when they hear that she allegedly took off with Vivica Fox’s cell phone and posted a message on Twitter complaining about the menopause.

There have been few details on other firings for “Celebrity Apprentice” but there has been quite a bit said about Kenya Moore’s departure. The fighting with other cast members had become intense and the show allegedly was revolving around Moore too much. When it came time for Donald Trump to reveal who was fired, apparently the most of the cast was glad to see her go.

According to the Atlanta Daily World on Saturday, the premiere date for “Celebrity Apprentice” has not been set. However, when it is finalized viewers hope there will be some behind the scenes footage as everyone would like to see Vivica Fox go after Kenya Moore for such a nasty posting in a public place. No doubt it was a moment to remember as touching a Twitter feed is one of the worst offenses that could be done as impacts all the impression of a star on social media.

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