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Kenya Moore implies she could've severely injured or killed Porsha Stewart

Kenya Moore wants everyone to know that she didn't fight back when Porsha Stewart attacked her at the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion not because she was too scared to or because she didn't know how but because she didn't it was right to. As reported by All About The Real Housewives on Tuesday, April 22, Kenya released a statement following the airing of the reunion in which she tells everyone that she can certainly win a fight if she wants to.

Reality star Kenya Moore attends the Michael Costello fashion show at Helen Mills Event Space on February 8, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

In her statement, Kenya said that she received self-defense training developed for the Israeli army and has been trained on how to use weapons. She also claimed that she's able to "take someone down in three moves." Clearly, she believes that she would've won the fight if she had chosen to fight back.

So why didn't she make a move? She implied that she knew she would've done major damage to Porsha if she acted and didn't want that to happen. She wrote that "as violent responses escalate, they can quickly result in severe injury or even death." She also wrote that she's a role model to little girls, reminding everyone of her Miss USA title, and that she didn't want them to see her fighting. She ended her statement with the opinion that "violence is never an option."

During the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion, Kenya yelled at Porsha through a megaphone, accusing her of cheating on her ex-husband Kordell Stewart, when Porsha all of a sudden stood up and pulled Kenya down to and across the floor by her hair. Kenya immediately jumped up and left the stage while Porsha lay on the floor distraught, comforted by the other housewives.

After the reunion aired, both Porsha and Kenya took to Twitter to thank their fans for their support. Kenya Moore thanked her supporters for having her back, making sure to add the hashtags "#teamright" and "#stoptheviolence" to her tweet. Porsha Stewart also sent a tweet thanking her supporters, with the hashtags "TeamPorsha" and "#gratefulforthesupport." Clearly, both women think that they're in the right and aren't admitting any fault as to what happened.

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