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Kenya Moore called out as a ‘Home wrecker’? Is she really dating a married man?

Does Kenya Moore reveals her romance with Tonye Cole?
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen

Kenya Moore might have been quiet about her boyfriend on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for reasons that her cast members could never understand. The reality star has always called her secretive man the “African Prince,” but the nickname might have to do more with money and less with emotion. According to Radar Online on Thursday, Kenya Moore is now dating a married man and the site hints she might be a “home wrecker” as the man is already married.

While the tough term might be a surprise to some, what is more shocking is the reality star is allegedly dating a married man. It was the Christian Post who reported on Thursday that the African oil tycoon named Tonye Cole is romantically linked to her. The man that has been linked to Moore has three kids and currently is married.

So what started all of the drama with Kenya Moore? Well, the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” kept giving her a grief during the season because nobody had seen a man despite her consistent references to him. After the season was over and the dust settled, Kenya started referencing him again on social media. Recently she posted a picture of him lying next to her in bed.

After repeatedly engaging with the fans, it seems that someone went and researched who the guy with Kenya Moore was and how she might know him. The back story has many people jumping to conclusions and suggesting that the reality star is an alleged home wrecker, but Kenya Moore hasn't spoken out about it yet. Usually late to the actually addressing drama, Moore likes to let it sit a while before making any statements.

Perhaps this is why Kenya Moore decided not to share the picture in the first place as social media tends to mind everyone else’s business. And it could be that the photo was another joke by Kenya Moore.

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