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Kenya Moore brings a scepter, megaphone to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion?

Kenya Moore
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Kenya Moore knows how to use props to make her point and the fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” get to see a sneak peek of the upcoming reunion show. As many fans know, there was a serious brawl between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart with part of the issue started by a scepter. According to WetPaint on Friday, Kenya Moore was moving her scepter around as she spoke to make a point and it got a bit tense between the two reality stars.

Cynthia Bailey was sitting in the middle of the couch between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart when the drama started. Kenya was defending her personal love life and why nobody has ever seen mysterious “African prince.” Porsha suggested he wasn't real. Or if he was, then Kenya Moore has paid him to be there. With a scepter in one hand waving it around, it was Kenya Moore who tried to control the conversation.

Cynthia looked terrified at the quick moving wand. Porsha was getting upset that Kenya was waving it at her so intently. Then, when things got quite heated, Porsha snatched it out of Kenya’s hand and threw it on the ground. The response surprised everyone. It appears to be one of several incidents that turned up the intensity on the show.

This wasn't the only piece of equipment that Kenya Moore brought to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. The S2S magazine posted a picture from the set revealing the star also brought a bullhorn to the show. The megaphone was in the middle of the brawl between the two ladies as they were on the floor tossing around.

While some celebrities use their verbal skills to attack, Kenya Moore really likes to provoke by offering up a bag of tricks. It had to be the first time fans have ever seen a scepter or bullhorn on a reality show reunion.

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