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Kenya Moore blasts Bravo for editing her to be bad guy in Porsha Stewart fight

Kenya Moore attends the 2013 Bravo New York Upfront at Pillars 37 Studios on April 3, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

It's clear from reading social media and blog comments that the majority of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" viewers are on Porsha Stewart's side when it comes to her physical attack on Kenya Moore at the reunion show. Despite Porsha being the one to lay her hands on Kenya, many believe that she was justified in her attack because she was provoked by Kenya. Kenya believes that the reason why viewers have flocked to Porsha's side is because of the way the show has been edited.

As reported by Wetpaint Entertainment on Tuesday, May 13, Kenya, during her "Watch What Happens Live" appearance, accused Andy Cohen of stacking the deck of cards against her. First, she reiterated her belief that Porsha is not a bullied person but rather someone who has been on the attack all along. She pointed out that Porsha has launched vicious verbal attacks on her throughout her time on the show, such as the times when she called her “ashy,” a “low class w***e,” and a “stupid, curb ass b***h.”

Kenya then directly challenged Andy, slamming him and the network for showing flashbacks that support Porsha's claim that she was bullied but not showing flashbacks of all the time that Porsha has attacked her. “To show flashbacks supporting that [she was bullied], that tempered the audience’s reaction … Had you leveled the playing field, had you shown the flashbacks of her being aggressive toward me… then you wouldn’t have gotten the reaction that you did. You stacked the deck of cards against me," she said.

Andy, who remained as calm and composed as he always is, during the interview, seemed to be receptive of Kenya's argument. He listened, allowed Kenya to talk and acknowledged her feelings. Unfortunately for Kenya, people don't seem to be buying her argument. The majority of the Wetpaint article's comments were critical of Kenya. People continued to say that Kenya provoked Porsha and that she deserved the attack. A few of the comments, however, did agree with what Kenya said.

Less people also watched Kenya Moore's "Watch What Happens Live" appearance than they did Porsha Stewart's. According to Bravo Ratings, Porsha's appearance on Sunday, May 4, received 3.9 million viewers while Kenya's appearance, on Sunday, May 11, received just 1.7 million viewers. In terms of the ratings game at least, Porsha won the fight.

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