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Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams-Stewart may get a ‘Millionaire Match’

Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams-Stewart may get a ‘Millionaire Match’
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen

Look out pop culture fans – reality television stars of the hit Bravo TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” may soon be courting the likes of the types of wealthy folks found on Millionaire Match, at least if Patti Stanger has her way.

According to recent reports from Cable TV, Stanger – she of the shared Bravo TV fame and popular face of the “Millionaire Matchmaker” franchise – has considered having two of the most well-known housewives on her own couple-making series.

“I thought about Kenya Moore; I thought about Porsha Stewart,” Stanger said, wondering out loud if the feuding duo of females would be able to exist in the same atmosphere without having another knock-down drag out fight that ends with Porsha dragging Kenya by her hair across the studio floor.

“Can I put them on the same show?” Stanger asked.

Stanger’s interest in having Kenya or Porsha on her show is an odd turn of events from previous comments she’s made, like the time when a Cleveland-area viewer of “Watch What Happens Live” asked Stanger her opinion about which Hollywood star she thought would make an ideal mate for Moore – or at least a good hookup.

Stanger answered, “Maybe Jamie Foxx, so he could slap her around a bit.” When host Andy Cohen protested the wisdom of any man being a good date because he could slap someone around, Stanger explained the reasoning behind her shocking statement by sharing her opinion of Kenya.

“She thinks she’s Beyoncé and he could tell her, ‘You’re not.’ They could work out,” Stanger said. Well, this Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner reporter doesn’t know if that’s the best come-hither line to get Kenya to join Stanger on her show, but the latter reality show star is no stranger to controversy. Nor is Kenya one to let any opportunity that could broaden her fame and fatten her bank account pass her by without deep investigation.

Followers of “The Kenya Moore” Instagram page know that the former beauty queen likes to keep others guessing about the real identity of any man in her life, if he exists at all.

Porsha, meanwhile, has confirmed her return to the much-watched RHOA show, along with her feelings that she deserves to return because she felt bullied by Kenya’s use of props and other harsh words during the reunion-taping melee. The 32-year-old is looking to move past her arrest and release from jail onto a better life, and despite some calling for her to undergo anger management therapy, others long to see the young starlet prosper in the wake of her divorce from Kordell Stewart, as documented on the show.

No matter which path these two women take to find love, future marriages and potential motherhood, this investigative reporter hopes they use all the tools available to those seeking a mate through unconventional options to make sure they’re getting what they expect: Verification options, FBI background checks, time, “red flag” meters – and most importantly, heavenly wisdom.

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