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Kenya Moore accuses Porsha Williams of planning 'RHOA' reunion show attack

Kenya Moore tells Andy Cohen that Porsha Williams planned to attack her at the reunion show.
Kenya Moore/Instagram

Kenya Moore must not have seen the playback from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show. If she had, she wouldn't be claiming that the Porsha Williams attack was pre-planned. That is Kenya's newest claim though according to a Monday report by Radar Online.

It is unclear if Kenya Moore really believes all the outlandish things she says or if she is doing her part to increase drama and ratings. In any case, that latter part is working and rumor has it that she despite being the most hated "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member, she will be back next season.

The Kenya Moore versus Porsha Williams reunion show brawl has brought about changes to the way reunion shows are run. According to Andy Cohen, there will be no more props. He has said in previous interviews that he thought Kenya's props were funny and never realized they would be taken so serious by others including Porsha Williams.

Kenya contends that the season and the reunion show fight were all set up to make her look bad. She argues that Porsha did her share of insult throwing throughout the season. Kenya said the only reason she even attacks Porsha the way she does is all due to prior dealings with the "Flatline" singer where she put the screws to Kenya Moore.

Kenya says that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" producers have left out all the times Porsha attacked or insulted her first. Although we repeatedly see Kenya say some horrible stuff about Porsha including calling her a beard for Kordell Stewart, she contends that she never bullied the younger co-star.

As usual, Kenya Moore is all denial and zero responsibility. During her "Watch What Happens Live" interview with Andy Cohen, he repeatedly tried to get Kenya to take some responsibility for what went on during the "RHOA" season. Each time it was excuses and casting blame.

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