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Kenya Griffin: Amazing Grace Dancers

Amazing Grace Dancers
Louis Hubbard, Collage

Kenya Griffin is the lovely, talented, dynamic, spirited, intelligent choreographer and manager of the Amazing Grace Dancers of Atlanta. The company was launched in 2000, by Kenya Griffin. The dancers have performed at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Atlanta, as Liturgical Dancers. Kenya created the dance company as a vision to enhance the worship experience at Lourdes. She has succeeded in her vision and dream. Kenya and her dancers are acclimatize to applause, standing ovations and cheering after each performance.

Kenya has given dancers from all walks of life and experiences the opportunity to express themselves through dance. The dancers are graceful, sophisticated and charged with a spiritual rhythm, that helps the audience accomplish their worship experience.

Immersed in the direction, leadership and vision of Kenya, the dancers perform locally, throughout the state, nationally and internationally. It is apparent that the dancers love to showcase their skills and expressions through dance as an artist.

Kenya and her dancers are the most expressive dancers in the country. The dance company works and study with renown talents to name a few:

Matthew Rushing of Alvin Ailey

Sule Adams of Evidence Dance Company

Ashi Smythe of The Lion King

The dancers are very gifted, talented and they move like a subtle wind on a windless day. Their performance will surely arouse and provoke the spiritual appetite of any audience. For your next spiritual experience Book AGDCo, by contacting:
Claudius Anderson at

For more information about the company and auditions contact:
Kenya Griffin, Manager
(770) 912.7851
Atlanta, GA
The genres are: Christian/Gospel/Dancers.

Next performance is Sunday, March 2, 2014 @ 3 p.m.At The Believers House, ‘Afternoon of Praise.’

Hosted By Karen Graham of Fox 5

256 Memorial Dr. Sw

Atlanta, GA 30303
Tickets are $10

Thanks Kenya for all you and your dancers do for Lourdes and the city of Atlanta. Continue to spread the love and spirit through dance. Welcome to Atlanta.


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