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Kentucky woman found dead in home, half eaten by pets

A woman was found dead and half eaten by her dogs.
A woman was found dead and half eaten by her dogs.

Strange deaths seem to come about all the time, but there are often times when death just happens due to natural causes. It isn't common for weird things to happen after someone dies, but such was the case with an elderly woman who was found dead in her Kentucky home. According to WKYT on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, the woman was not only found dead, but also half-eaten by her pets.

An unnamed neighbor in Whitley County, Kentucky, had gone over to check on an elderly woman who lived nearby. The neighbor had not seen the woman in sometime so she wanted to see if she was alright.

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The neighbor called the Whitley County Police Department stating they were concerned about their neighbor who was 70-years-old and hadn't been seen in several days. Upon arriving on the scene and entering the home, the woman was found dead and half-eaten by her pets.

Most of her pets were reported to be dogs.

Whitley Countey Sheriff Colan Harrell said that the woman was living in a storage building on Spruce Creek Road in Corbin, Kentucky. It had been converted into a living space and she resided there with her dogs.

An investigation into the death of the woman is underway, but police currently believe that she died of natural causes.

Animal control officers have been called in to check on the animals and help further into the investigation.

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