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Kentucky student produces Heavenly Arts

Jenifer Woodson creates artwork to glorify God and share His love with others
Jenifer Woodson creates artwork to glorify God and share His love with others
Heavenly Arts

For some Christians it takes nearly a lifetime to discover what their gifts are and to embrace them in order to use them for the Lord. Still, some others seem to understand what they were made for very early on in life. No matter the timing and discovery of such gifts it is still each Christian’s responsibility to use everything he or she has been blessed with to serve the Lord, glorify Him and reach others with His eternal message of love and salvation.

Jenifer Woodson sculpting
Heavenly Arts

One young Christian college student who knew early on that she was destined to use her gifts for the Lord resides right here in Kentucky. This beautiful young woman has set her eyes on Jesus, determined to run the race till it’s completion; all while pouring herself not just into her college studies but also into using her gifts to reach others. While in the midst of studying, taking tests and navigating life on campus, she continues to make a concerted effort to grow in the Lord, utilizing her gifts as she does so.

Jenifer Woodson, a freshman at Kentucky State University is gifted with the ability to create magnificent works of art. Using various mediums such as sketching, water colors and even sculpting, Woodson states that she was drawn to artwork from a very young age and truly realized she had the gift and talent for it when she was in the fifth grade.

“God is my main inspiration. I draw because I’m happy and it gives me peace. My dream to become an artist (professionally) has also been cultivated by constant encouragement from my loving family.”

Woodson doesn’t just draw or paint for the fun of it though; she always finds meaning and purpose in it. “I want people to know the love that God has for them. I believe that if more people truly knew how much God loves them and knew the peace of God that we can have by faith in Jesus Christ, then more people would walk in that love.”

Woodson, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, is at Kentucky State University on scholarship and says she was raised knowing God and was nurtured to get to know Him and have a relationship with Him. This relationship with the Lord planted the seeds of creativity within her. Woodson has utilized her creative growth by starting her own website called Heavenly Arts. With the hopes of one day opening her own gallery along with her cyber gallery, Woodson’s goal is still the same, to reach others on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“My family has been one of the greatest influences on my walk with God and in cultivating my artistic abilities… It is such a blessing to me to have been born in my family. I was raised knowing God and to know Him for myself. I received the Lord at an early age… And I received God's most precious gift of the Holy Spirit in 2004.”

As Woodson endeavors to keep up with her studies she has also made herself available to churches and individuals who wish to commission a piece of artwork. Her current art pieces can be purchased online via her website or you can contact her thru the site in order to request a particular piece of art.

With so many college-aged men and women in this country walking away from family, church and God, it’s refreshing to see dedicated young Christians honoring the gifts they’ve been given and keep their eyes on Jesus. Woodson is just one example of the myriad of dedicated Christian students attending college in Kentucky who know without a doubt who they are in the Lord and are working hard to honor Him through their gifts.

If you’d like more information about Heavenly Arts and how you can purchase or commission a piece of artwork, please click into Jenifer Woodsons’ website here: Heavenly Arts

You can also find Jenifer on YouTube: Painter For Christ


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