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Kentucky Soldiers disarm anti-tank round in Michigan

Kentucky Soldiers disarm anti-tank round in Michigan
Kentucky Soldiers disarm anti-tank round in Michigan

Professional “scrap man” Beau Angell of Battle Creek, Mich., accidentally purchased a potentially lethal, weapons-grade, anti-tank round last week and it took a military bomb squad from Fort Knox, Ky., to disarm it.

Angell, who purchased the item from a homeowner who was cleaning out a pole-barn, thought his purchase was just a “heavy chunk of metal.” He finally decided to contact local police for an expert opinion after doing some internet research of his own.

Battle Creek PD called in bomb experts, from Fort Knox, Ky.

When the Kentucky EOD squad arrived they instructed the Angell family to spend the night in a motel until the bomb experts were able to transport the weapon to Fort Custer the following day. The round was safely detonated on post.

Initially, the shell was thought to be from World War II due to some markings on the round, but the military concluded it was actually a Vietnam era leaflet projectile, although no leaflets were found inside. It was in fact, “charged and dangerous”.

Examiner’s Note: This happens more often that people think. Often old grenades or shells are found in grandma’s attic or grandpa’s tool shed. All items should be considered dangerous and authorities should be called immediately for proper disposal. Every local law-enforcement department has access to a bomb squad. Error on the safe side; make the call.

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