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Kentucky Sheriff in Hot Water After Cruel Animal Event


HYDEN, Kentucky - Many residents of Leslie County, Kentucky and animal advocates around the world are furious after Sheriff Paul Howard and the Leslie County Sheriff's Department hosted and sponsored an event in which a raccoon was tortured.

The event, known as the "Coon on a Log" race, entails living caged raccoons that are placed on small rafts and pulled across bodies of water while large hunting dogs try and kill the animals.

Global Conservation Group and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals launched a campaign to stop the event two days before it was schedule to take place. Despite thousands of people contacting the sheriff's office, the event took place as planned on April 12.

In a press release, Jonathan Moraine of the Global Conservation Group told "We will be carrying out our threat of legal action against the Leslie County Sheriff's Office as they were in violation of state wildlife regulations and public safety laws." Moraine continued, stating "We have also added Leslie County and Hyden, Kentucky to our National Animal Abuse Boycott List, which is distributed to over 75,000 residents of Kentucky every year."

Documentes obtained from the Global Conservation Group indicate that they have filed complaints against the Leslie County Sheriff's Office with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kentucky Justice Department and the United States Department of Agriculture.