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Kentucky Mounted Patrol member saved by helmet during fall from horse

During an unexpected accident at the start of a parade on Monday, May 26, it was the helmet that saved the rider’s life. Raymond Boschert was preparing to ride in a parade on Memorial Day in Pendleton County, KY, and had already mounted his horse, when danger struck that could easily have ended his life.

Kentucky Mounted Patrol poses for a picture
Timeline Facebook of Kentucky Mounted Patrol

The 63-year-old Boschert, a military veteran of Vietnam and member of the Kentucky Mounted Patrol, was in the parade line-up and ready to join fellow patrol members on the parade route when, suddenly, his horse bolted into the air, dumping him. He took a serious fall to the pavement, striking his head. The mishap stunned him at first, and he was unable to move.

Boschert was wearing a riding helmet and it apparently prevented worse injury or may even have saved his life. The helmet cracked when it hit the blacktop. Boschert’s family and friends attribute his survival to the helmet. They are thankful that he is alive.

A friend of Boschert’s family, Diana Wright, put everyone’s thoughts into words when she told Lex18,

Total, 100% freak accident. If it hadn't been for the helmet and the straps, I don't know that he'd be talking to us today.

She described the scene just prior to Boschert’s accident. He had prepared and saddled his horse and was waiting for the start of the Butler’s Memorial Day parade. Everyone was all set to ride off when, suddenly, Boschert’s mount went into the air, causing him to fall. And, he fell hard.

He was transported to the hospital where doctors diagnosed Boschert had cracked ribs and injuries to his back and shoulder. He faces surgery in the near future, but things might have been much worse for Boschert without the helmet.

Wright offers this wise admonition to all riders,

No matter what you're doing, if you're on a horse, you've gotta have a helmet on because your head can't be replaced.

No one watching the accident that day knows what spooked Boschert’s horse, and it may have been a bee sting or a fluttering decoration or a gust of wind. It is certain the Kentucky Mounted Patrol members will be wearing helmets.

Video clip by about the Boschert mishap here.

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